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 Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu

Classical tradition - Contemporary insight   

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When will I get my black belt?


Simple answer, when you are ready for it.  Students are individually assessed over every lesson to ensure that they are ranked correctly.  If you have been studying martial arts for numerous years to a high level and are an alpha-athlete, then it may not take you very long at all.  If you are out of shape, lack co-ordination and experience or are very young or old, then it may take you a little longer, but it is still achievable because individuals are assessed based on their own capabilities.  The average time is several years of dedicated training.



But the martial arts club around the corner said that I can get a black belt within a year even with no previous training?!


Many other professional clubs choose to take the simple path to boosting their student numbers and subsequently their income by making easy promises and awarding belts based on attendance at courses and competitions (obviously payable at an extra charge to the contract that binds you into 24 monthly payments of a set training fee!) and other such gimmicks.  If you just want a black belt, then order one online from a sports retailer for less than £10.  If you want to EARN a black belt from an organisation with a worldwide reputation for excellence, and develop a high level of skill, then join us.  Sadly, there are too many poorly-skilled martial artists out there today who have been given black belts and dan grades in return for money.  What they lack is the physical, mental and emotional abilities that should be gained from martial arts training.  

It is telling that a large percentage of our current adult student base were black belts from other clubs and organisations who have attended our classes and seminars looking to develop their skills further and they have gone on to join us.  They have often described feeling like they have wasted their previous years of training.  Don’t waste time chasing an easy option only to regret it later, join the right organisation first time.



Your membership plans are monthly Standing Order payments, does that mean I am tied in to the club by a contract?


No, you pay at the beginning of the month for the month that you are training.  You can move up to a higher membership plan at any time that you like.  If you cancel your plan and want to restart it again later, then the initial membership fee of £50 is payable again.  This will encourage you to stay committed to keep training, but gives no additional financial burden if your circumstances were to suddenly change, as often happens in life.  We do not want you to attend class simply out of a feeling of obligation, but because of your desire for self-improvement.