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 Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu

Classical tradition - Contemporary insight   

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Koryu Uchinadi - Adult Curriculum

Koryu Uchinadi, as devised by Hanshi Patrick McCarthy 9th Dan, is a modern interpretation of the empty-hand fighting practices that took place in the old Ryukyu Kingdom and later became known as Okinawan Karate.


It is an all encompassing set of practices that will help to develop the physical, emotional and mental health of the individual.  


From the beginning, the adult student learns about Habitual Acts of Physical Violence, or HAPV, and how to respond effectively to these acts.  From understanding the psychology of violence, the history of the fighting traditions, the science behind effective fighting techniques and developing the physicality required to properly defend themselves.


The beginner student undertakes a 'nyumon' syllabus and works through a kyu grading system to reach the level of 'yudansha' or black belt.  This nyumon syllabus teaches a variety of strikes, kicking techniques, chokes and strangles, throws and takedowns, standing and ground fighting techniques and their corresponding kata.  The student works their way through the 'mudansha' system until they are awarded the 'yudansha' rank.  


All mudansha ranks are awarded by the Chief Instructor, Jeff Capstick Shidoin.  Only students who are fully prepared are put forward for testing for the yudansha rank.


All yudansha ranks are awarded solely by Hanshi Patrick McCarthy 9th Dan, to ensure the extremely high standards of all individuals being granted this prestigeous award.  


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