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 Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu

Classical tradition - Contemporary insight   

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KU Kids

Children aged 5 to 12 form part of our KU Kids section. KU Kids

learn all of the fundamental skills and application practices from the adult Koryu Uchinadi curriculum, but they do so in a fun and action-packed environment of play which stimulates them and encourages them to learn, develops their physical fitness and their confidence in physical contact.  Through learning the techniques in isolation they can develop the ability to apply the skills without everything becoming a stress-inducing 'memory test', thus allowing real learning to take place.  These skills include striking, ground fighting and wrestling, as well as many other practical techniques.  All techiniques are taught and practiced under close supervision to ensure the safety of all concerned.  


The KU Kids work through a belt system starting at white belt and finishing at black and white stripe.  Grades are awarded at the discretion of the Chief Instructor once the fundamental skills have been learned to the required level.  The KU Kids section utilises a belt tagging system to enable to learner to understand exactly how they are progressing in their skills.  There are a maximum of 5 black and 5 red tags that can be earned.  The black tags are for technical skills and the red tags are for character skills such as focus and determination, being a good training partner and showing perseverance.  Once the student has earned 5 black and 5 red tags then they are ready to be considered for their next grade.


Once a student reaches 13 years of age they transition onto the KU Cadets syllabus.  





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